Many of you have asked and I would certainly like to, get a website with species lists, distribution maps, species accounts, photos, identification guides, etc, etc
This is not an easy task and takes a lot of time, skill and dedication. It also requires a platform to host it on. I have accepted defeat in this area and so have been looking into alternatives. This will mean getting a third party to do it and that will incur a cost.
This is a tough call in the current situation and climate, but if we want to have this resource available then it is I feel inevitable. We as a community are 150+ people. Above is a PayPal Donate link where you can donate to the funds to create this site.
The target is £2500
Would we be willing to donate £5, £10 or are any of you able to donate more individually or as a company (and be advertised/linked on the website)?
You DO NOT need a PayPal account as you can pay direct with card.