Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, recording moths is an extremely fun and enjoyable past time. As well as bringing enjoyment to us, moths have an important role in our ecosystems. They provide food for many animals (such as birds and bats), they can show us how healthy the habitat is around us and they can be used as an indicator of climate change.

More than 2500 species of moth recorded in the UK. Each year more are being added to that list either by accidental introductions or natural colonization of new species. BUT the overall number of moths is decreasing. It is therefore vitally important that we record just how our moths are doing.

There are many of you running traps in your garden or out in the countryside in Cambridgeshire.  Running a moth trap at home in your garden can produce over 100 species of moth. These records can make a valuable contribute to the understanding of moths, moth populations and changes in moth distribution.

So please help and submit your moth records. Any and all records are accepted whether new or old. Go to Submitting moth records to find out how to do this.