VC29 Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is divided for the purposes of biological recording into vice counties 29 Cambridgeshire and 31 Huntingdonshire. So even if you live within the County of Cambridgeshire you might not be in the Vice County of Cambridgeshire. Confusing, isn’t it? To help you, look up your grid reference here using a post code or finding where you are on the map. Then taking the grid reference given put it in here Grid reference finder to see which vice county that falls under here Vice county look up.

Most people run a moth trap (see Moth trapping) in their garden at home. It is easy to do and the trap can be left out overnight and checked the next day. It is a wonderful way to see what creatures fly around your garden at night. Remember its not only moths that you might find. There are many other insects that are attracted to moth traps like beetles, ichneumon wasps and caddis flies to name a few. Also frogs, hedgehogs and birds like to profit from the sudden food source although these should not be encouraged.

As well as trapping at home, the more adventurous trappers can go out in the field and with permission from landowners trap in the countryside and/or local nature reserves. We have some great nature reserves in the vice county: Wicken Fen, Chippenham Fen, Fordham Woods, Fowlmere RSPB and Wandlebury Country Park to name a few.